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30 Apr 2019
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Jet Diffuser

Specification of Jet Diffuser

Selling Technique in Surabaya

CV. Surya Abadi Diffuser Selling Technique in Surabaya, the aerodynamic design of the JD jet diffuser model ensures low noise levels even with high outlet speeds, while also providing long throw distances. Individual jet nozzles can be rotated through 360 ° and settings 60 ° up or down, for heating or cooling modes, can be done manually or by using the motorized version.

We sell Diffuser in Surabaya where all are made of aluminum and painted white (RAL9010). Types JD210 and JD310 are JD110 mounted on galvanized sheet steel and all painted white as above.

Built from aluminum, the JD Model is available with or without flanges for direct connection to the circular airways exposed or to the surface of the wall. Dual jet settings can be provided with 2 or 3 jet nozzles mounted on one panel. Besides that the motorized version is also available to adjust the jet outlet automatically. Developed for installations at high levels or for large spaces, jet diffuser is suitable for applications such as shopping centers, concert halls, theaters, museums and airport areas.

The jet nozzle can rotate through 360 °
Can be set more than 60 ° for cooling or heating
Low noise level
2 or 3 Jets are integrated into one panel
Motorized version available


So if you are looking for a company that sells Selling Diffuser in Surabaya, we CV. Surya Abadi Techniques to sell diffuser with various types and types please choose according to your needs. For information on specifications, prices and details of the Diffuser that we sell in Surabaya, please contact us.

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