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RAG (Return Air Grille)
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Specification of RAG (Return Air Grille)

RAG (Return Air Grille)

Return air grille is functioning for heating system or air conditioning that is integrated on the ducting system or central ac. The location of the usefulness of this object is to facilitate air to return to the heating or air conditioning system, this condition is necessary for the room temperature to achieve air stability. In the heating and cooling system of the ventilation fan cover, the central or central air-conditioning furnace pushes air out through the duct system into the chamber from the structure for temperature control.
It also draws air through RAG products that require air ducts. The air is sucked into the system is heated or cooled as per the distributed requirement. Basically, the system acts as a pump, the air circulation of the room through heating or cooling space to create a stable and consistent temperature within the structure.

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