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Spigot Damper
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Specification of Spigot Damper

Selling Damper Spigots

CV. Surya Abadi Spigot Damper Selling Technique, designed as a cost-effective and efficient way to adjust the airflow provided through a plenary or neck reduction box, can be mounted to any spigot - circular, rectangular or flat oval. We sell Damper Spigots that can be adjusted by cable, inserted through an air terminal device and ready for commissioning, or with an external quadrant that can be accessed from outside the channel, allowing the damper to lock in position.

Product Description Damper Spigot
FDCFlap Spigot Damper, Cable operated
FDQFlap Spigot Damper, Quadrant operated

Features of Damper Spigot
Cost-effective airflow regulation
Suitable for spigot size / shape
Choice of adjustment devices - Cable for commissioning or quadrant flexibility for position control

FDGalvanized steel knife
Note - FDs can only be selected with the relevant Plenum Box or Neck Reducer and dampers that are not suitable for use with spigot speeds greater than 3.0m / s

Various types of sizes

So if you are looking for a company that sells our Damper Spigot CV. Surya Abadi Teknik has Damper Spigot with various types and types please choose according to your needs. For information on price specifications and other info about this Damper Spigot, please contact us to get the Damper Spigot that we sell.

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